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L.F. Manufacturing, Inc.

LFM offers a full customer service experience. We have a professional sales staff dedicated to assisting you with your project needs. In addition, LFM has its own CAD and design department. LFM has been building quality fiberglass products since 1982. We utilize the latest in chop and filament winding equipment, therefore providing our customers with the highest quality fiberglass products on the market today. Fiberglass waste water products by LFM are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all ASTM D3753 standard specifications. In addition to complying with all ASTM standards, our fiberglass manholes carry an H-20 load rating. The environment is always a concern when dealing with waste water systems. Fiberglass products by LFM are environmentally safe and are impervious to waste water gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

LFM’s fiberglass chemical tanks, when manufactured using certain FRP resin systems, can service multiple processes. Each resin type is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and specifications and can include fire retardants. LFM maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks; helping to lower delivery costs considerably. Our fiberglass products are light-weight and can be easily loaded and unloaded on construction job sites. Our products are marketed throughout the United States utilizing a network of retail distributors and independent representatives. Knowledgeable local representatives are simply a phone call or a click away.