Appalachian Plastics, Inc.

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Appalachian Plastics, Inc.

Appalachian Plastics, Inc. is a custom fabricator and private labeler.

Company was incorporated in 1968.

Appalachian Plastics is family owned and operated with a 99,000 sq. ft. facility located on 10 acres and currently employ 50 people..

Processes: Filament winding, chop spray, hand lay-up, and urethane casting.

Equipment: 4 filament winding machines with 1 inch through 14 feet in diameter and up to 40 feet long capacity.

Current products: Duct, hoods, tanks, light poles, decorative bases and shrouds, pressure vessels, radomes, large diameter tank covers, insulated piping systems, battery trays, scupper tubes, precision cores, water playground equipment, and other miscellaneous items.