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FRP Case History – Chlorine Dioxide Tanks

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Location / Year
Pulp Mill in Northern Ontaro
Installed in 1994

Fabricated Plastics
Maple Ontario – Canada

DERAKANE™ 411-45 epoxy vinyl ester
resin corrosion barrier was made
with one synthetic veils and four
450g/m2 glass mats with. Filament
wound structural made from DERAKANE
411-45resin. MEKP cure system throughout.

Service Conditions
10-12 gm/liter Chlorine Dioxide
Temperature: Ambient

Technical Data
2 Storage Tanks – 9.1 m in diameter and 18.3 meters high

Due to the size of the tanks, they were shipped in sections by truck and were joined at the plant site. This was made possible by “oblating” the sections and nesting them on the truck bed.