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Acid Cover Repair

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Products Provided:

  • Pipe
  • Piping
  • Duct

Services Provided:

  • Repair and Installation

Date: 2014

RPS Ohio regularly works with AK Steel, a steel manufacturer in Ohio, to repair pickle line covers on a continual preventive maintenance basis. AK Steel monitors the condition of the covers and sends them to the RPS Ohio shop for repair. When shop repairs are completed, the cover is returned and a new one is targeted for repair. As shown in photos to the right, keeping up with the harsh environment to which the covers are subject is an ongoing battle. Once FRP repairs are made, a polypropylene liner is installed on the inside of the covers to provide additional hydrochloric acid protection. Time generated maintenance of the covers has proven to be an effective means of both limiting over exposure to the working environment as well as budgeting costs for the customer. AK Steel has approximately 60 covers in service which see 4 to 5 years of service time before being refurbished by RPS. RPS averages about 8-10 cover repairs a year to keep up with this timed generated maintenance. The plan has proved a beneficial relationship to both parties.